These are the Armorial Bearings of Sir William Herrick

of Beaumanor Park in Leicestershire,

granted to him in 1605.

Argent a fess vairy or and gules. Crest. A bull's head argent issuing forth of a laurell garland, the muzzle ears and horns tipped sable. Motto. Virtus Omnia Nobilitat

Sir William Herrick; born 1557, died 1652; was a goldsmith, and also an MP from 1601 to 1630. His seventh child John, born 1612, died 1689, (*) one of 12 children, served in the army in Ireland in the 1650s, and was granted, on a date between 1667 and 1669, the Shippool Estate, Innishannon, Kinsale, in Co. Cork.

Nicholas Herrick; born 1556, died 1592; brother of Sir William, was a banker and goldsmith, and the father of Robert Herrick, born 1591, died 1674. Robert Herrick, who had four brothers and two sisters, was twice vicar of Dean Prior in Devon, 1629-48 and 1660-74, and was also a poet.


H-316   To Daffodils

Fair daffodils, we weep to see

You haste away so soon;

As yet the early rising sun

Has not attain'd his noon.

Stay, stay,

Until the hasting day

Has run

But to the evensong;

And having pray'd together, we

Will go with you along.


We have short time to stay, as you,

We have as short a spring;

As quick a growth to meet decay,

As you, or anything.

We die,

As your hours do, and dry


Like to the summer's rain;

Or as the pearls of morning's dew,

Ne'er to be found again.


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26 March 2014